goodtoknow’s community guidelines

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  • 1. Respect people’s privacy

    Please do not disclose personal information about other people such as addresses, phone numbers or emails. Do not impersonate someone else and post as them. We’d also advise against sharing your personal details within a comment – you never know who might pick them up.

     2. Be nice

    We have zero tolerance for racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory comments of any kind. All comments of this sort will be removed as soon as we are aware of them. Please help us keep our boards a nice place to share views by using the ‘Report abuse’ buttom if you notice anything that you or others may find offensive. Be polite in your posts, respect others and do not swear or use crude language.

     3. You are responsible

    You are responsible for what you write so beware of any legal implications it might have. Do not make defamatory, misleading or untrue statements about anyone as they could land you in trouble. IPC Media and goodtoknow do not take responsibility for any libellous comments posted on our site and cannot verify the accuracy of the content posted.

    4. Your comment is public

    By commenting on an article, it is made public to the rest of the web. Others may respond, rate your comment and may even disagree! We might use your comments within other articles on goodtoknow.

    5. No advertising or linking out

    Our boards are an area for genuine comment and not for promoting other sites, content, products or services. Please don’t use them for this purpose and avoid adding external links within comments.

    6. Removal of content

    Goodtoknow operates a ‘Notice and take-down’ method of moderation. All comments that are not marked as spam will appear live on the site, but if they breach any of our guidlines they are likely to be removed. On occasion, a whole thread may be removed if just one of the comments is problematic.

    7. Suspension

    We reserve the right to suspend an account to prevent a user from posting any future comments. Some reasons we may do this are if a user had repeatedly ignored our community guidelines or written some extremely abusive or offensive comments.

    Thanks for taking the time to read these guidlines. We reserve the right to update these at any time, so it’s a good idea to read over them again from time to time.

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