How to avoid dry, winter skin

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  • A top skin doctor once told me that in this freezing winter weather you need an oil-based moisturiser rather than a water-based moisturiser because a water-based one will freeze on your skin. Of course, this is total rubbish but swapping your usual moisturiser in this cold snap, with something richer, is a good idea.

    It’s not just the winter weather that makes your skin dry, it’s central heating and going from one extreme to the other. It’s quite common, once you’re over the age of 35, to get broken blood vessels (known as spider veins) at this time of year. And if you suffer from rosacea you might find it flares up too.

    So, before you leave the house and before you go to bed use a rich moisturiser – you don’t need anything fancy – don’t be won over by wild anti-ageing claims, they might be true but first and foremost you need a cream that’s going to put the moisture back and calm your skin.

    Here are four of the best:
    Avène Eau Thermale Anti-redness Rich Moisturising Cream, £12.67 – It’s got a green tinge to it, which might sound weird but if you’ve got any redness this will totally sort it out as green makes red a neutral colour. Plus it has natural soothing ingredients for sensitive and irritated skin.

    Nivea Crème, £1.46 – a classic and still one of the best all-round rich moisturisers.

    Eucerin Hydro-Balance Refreshing Hydrating Cream, £11.83 – You might not have seen this but it’s a cream that’s been around a long time, it used to be recommended by doctors for very dry, chapped skin but now it’s widely available, and it feels very light.

    Norwegian Formula Ultimate Day Cream Moisturiser, £6.84 – This is actually tested in the snow so you know that it can protect your skin whatever the weather.