How to make fabric covered files

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  • Looking for ways to keep your life in order? You’re not the only one, our lives could do with a bit more organisation too, which is why we’ve created this gorgeous looking covered files craft.

    Don’t spend a fortune on buying covered file boxes from an expensive shop, it’s so simple to do yourself, and then you get to pick exactly what fabric and colours to use. These cost hardly anything to put together, yet look stylish with their professional finish.

    If you’ve got some odds and ends of fabric in your craft box then this is a great way to put them to good use, there’s nothing worse than having bits and pieces of pretty craft materials without being able to use them.

    If you’ve got children at school or university then these would make a lovely, thoughtful gift for them, to help tidy their desks and keep all their books and papers in one place. If your children are a bit older they could even help you make their own files, picking their favourite fabrics and trims.

    Have you made one of our crafts? Send us a picture via our Facebook page. We love seeing what you’ve been up to and we might even share it with our readers.

    You will need

    -Old box files





    Step 1

    Cut out a piece of fabric big enough to wrap around the front, back and one side of the box file leaving a 5cm hem. Cut another long piece of fabric, which will wrap around all four narrow edges of the box, leaving a 5cm hem.

    Step 2

    Iron the hem on each piece of fabric over, so that the fabric is exactly the same size as the box. This hem is where you will glue the fabric to tuck inside the box.

    Step 3

    Glue the long strip of fabric around the edge of the box first, then add the larger piece, ensuring that you tuck in the hem on the opening flap. Cut away any excess fabric, which might prevent the clasp from working. Glue or stitch the ribbon ties to the front edges of the file.