How to paint a desk

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  • There’s no need to spend your hard earned pennies on new furniture when it’s so easy to update pieces you already have!

    That old desk you’ve had for years might look a bit dated at the moment, but trust us; it won’t do for long thanks to our simple step-by-step guide for giving it a modern makeover.

    This simple idea can be used for all sorts of items- chest of drawers or wardrobes look great painted like this too, for instance. Just a lick of paint and some new handles will transform any piece of furniture.

    Perfect for a rainy weekend afternoon, you can easily achieve this in a day. Follow our three steps below for a professional finish.

    You will need

    -Desk and stool



    -Masking tape


    -Pretty drawer handles 

    Step 1 

    Remove the handles from the drawers, then give your desk a coat or two of paint. We used a chalk-based paint, as you don’t need to do any preparation before you start, but if you don’t, give your desk a good once over with sandpaper first.

    To complete the look, paint the stool in the same way, taking care not to get any paint on the upholstery.

    Step 2

    Once the desk is completely dry, position masking tape over the drawers vertically. Make sure the tape is firmly attached, as any gaps will create wonky lines. Use a gold paint to create the lines – we wanted to have a soft effect, but for a bolder stripe add a second coat.

    Step 3

    Once the gold paint is dry remove the masking tape. You can touch up any lines that aren’t perfectly neat at this stage. When using chalk paint you need to add a coat of protective wax. You can then replace the drawer handles.

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