It’s a cat conspiracy

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  • This morning I woke up with a cat on my head, a wet nose in my ear and a paw up my nose before I’d even opened my eyes. I’d like to say that it’s an unusual way to wake up, but it isn’t – I don’t have to bother setting a proper alarm because my hungry cats do the job instead.

    I’m bonkersly mad about my cats, but boy do they test my patience when they bring in leaves and insides of mouse, and it drives me absolutely mental when a flying cat lands on me in the middle of the night as they chase each other over the duvet.

    But it’s not just my naughty cats I love. I love silly pictures of cats, stories of cats and news about cats because they all have funny little ways. Beaker, one of mine, has a toy shaped like a small black cat that he carries round, like it’s the best friend he’s ever had, then he’s ripping it to shreds and bunny-kicking it with his back paws because he’s suddenly very very angry with it. What’s that all about?!

    OK, so he might be a little bit crazy, but there are some things I reckon all cats do. Why do they scratch and yowl to be let in at the back door, then when you open it, look the other way and don’t budge? And have you ever tried to get a sleeping cat to move from somewhere, turned your back for a millisecond and found it right back where it started?

    Then a mate sent me a link to Simon’s Cat on YouTube and it suddenly dawned on me that cats have got together and invented the same cunning ways to drive you up the wall. So if you’ve ever owned, looked after or even seen a cat, you’ve got to watch these brilliant clips.

    Simon’s Cat ‘TV Dinner’
    Simon’s Cat ‘Let Me In’

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