Jackson family feuds!

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  • Sparks fly as Michael Jackson’s doctor faces a possible homicide charge

    This week should’ve brought Michael Jackson’s family some closure after police sources confirmed that his death is being treated as homicide.

    The news also means that Michael’s personal doctor Conrad Murray, who administered a cocktail of drugs to the star just before he died, could be charged with manslaughter.

    But the Jackson family is being torn apart by internal fighting, which is threatening to destroy their public united front.

    A report from the LA County Coroner, leaked to the press last week, revealed that Michael died from a lethal overdose of the anaesthesia drug Propofol.

    According to Dr Murray’s statement to police, he admitted injecting Michael with the drug as a last resort after trying three other painkillers.

    How the Jacksons have fallen out

    La Toya vs Janet

    The sisters are vying to be a mother figure to Michael’s children. A source says: ‘Janet’s fiercely protective of them and feels the most important thing she can do is shield them from the public eye. But La Toya thinks that, with the right management, the kids could flourish as entertainers.’

    Tito, Marlon & Jackie vs Jermaine

    Michael’s brothers are angry with Jermaine for hogging the limelight in a new reality show about the four of them.

    ‘They were all for it until it emerged that Jermaine would be the focus of the series. It makes them seem like side-men instead of fully fledged members of The Jacksons,’ says our insider.

    Katherine vs Jermaine

    ‘Michael’s mother Katherine feels that Jermaine has usurped her authority,’ says our source. ‘She keeps reminding him that Michael named her as the main beneficiary of his estate, but Jermaine feels she has no right to decide what business ventures he can pursue.’

    Janet vs Rebbie

    Rebbie, the most publicity-shy Jackson, is at war with her sister over Janet’s plan to write a book on the family.

    ‘Janet always vowed to keep her private life to herself, but the emotional upheaval’s convinced her to tell her story. Rebbie sees that as a betrayal,’ reveals our source.

    Katherine vs Joe

    Sadly, Katherine blames her ex-husband for failing to save Michael from drugs. ‘She feels Joe kept her in the dark as to the severity of her son’s drug problems,’ adds our source.

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