NEW Make It Easy magazine: Packed with 83 clever food & craft ideas for kids!

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  • As all parents know, keeping the kids engaged and entertained is a whole lot easier said than done. So we’re here to help you out!

    The Essentials magazine team has pulled together a bumper book of fun, with 100 pages full of crafts, recipes and outdoorsy ideas to really get your little ones excited. And the best news? You can pick up yours today for just £5.99, from all major retailers.

    In your issue of Make It Easy magazine:

    Ever wondered what to do with all those shells the kids collected on your summer holiday? Well, we show you and it’s stylish as well as super easy.

    If you fancy a quite five minutes to yourself then give our DIY den a whirl! We show you how to make a tent in just ten minutes – they’ll be occupied for hours playing make believe, while you enjoy a quiet cuppa.

    And, if that’s not enough we have painting ideas for your budding artists, as well as pond dipping, leaf crowns and scavenger hunts for the outdoors-loving mini Bear Grylls’ in your life.

    Not forgetting food, get the aprons at the ready – your little ones will LOVE these kid-friendly recipes. We have everything from homemade rainbow lollies, ready in 10 minutes, to tasty pesto pasta dippers. You can even get your kids making their own giant chocolate jazzies, they’ll go down a storm – trust us!

    Plus, if you have fussy eaters on your hands, child experts say that if children help make their own meal they’re more likely to enjoy eating it too. We share some great recipe ideas to get them involved, so you can banish picky eating for good!

    We have all your favourite crafts and recipes in one place – 83 of them to be exact. So pick yours up today for £5.99, on sale in all major stores.