How to make a message in a bottle

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  • Do your children love writing secret messages? Then they’ll love making this cute little message in a bottle craft.

    It’s the perfect present for teachers at the end of term, or make a few for family members at Christmas. There doesn’t even need to be a special occasion to get crafty – make these bottles with your children as a weekend activity and then exchange your secret messages at the end – you’ll enjoy reading each others’ little notes!

    Age group: 6+. You could always write the note for younger children, if you like.

    Safety tips: Just watch nobody swallows the beads!

    What you will need

    • Some small glass or plastic bottles with lids or cork tops. (We got ours from eBay, but craft shops should stock these too)
    • PVA glue
    • Coloured beads
    • Glitter
    • A few pretty pins (optional)
    • Some small pieces of paper
    • A pencil
    • 2 small bowls: one to put the beads in and the other to catch the excess glitter.