How to make felt mice in a tin

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  • These cute felt buddies are simple to do and make a great first sewing project, helping kids to get used to a needle and thread!

    Children love making crafts that are also fun toys for them to play with at the end. These little characters are small enough to fit in pockets, to be taken anywhere your child goes.

    Choose bright and colourful felts to give a fun feel and finish, pick the bedding in a contrasting colour to make the whole thing look as child-friendly as possible.

    If you’re making these with little ones who haven’t sewn before then you could use a fabric glue like Copydex to secure the arms, legs and ears in place before sewing, if you think pins are going to be too fiddly.

    You will need






    -Cotton wool

    -An empty tin

    Step 1

    Draw a mouse template and cut out. You will need 2 x body, 2 x arm, 2 x leg in one colour and, in a contrasting colour, 2 x ears. The teddy will also need to be cut out – 2 x body, 2 x ears, all in the same colour.

    Step 2

    Sew the face on the mouse, then sew a stitch in the base of each ear, so that they curl inwards. Position the ears, legs, and arms in between the two body pieces and pin in place. Sew all the way around, leaving a space at the side. Push a small bit of cotton wool inside. Then sew up the space.

    Step 3

    Repeat for the teddy bear. Thread 3-4 strands of cotton into a needle and sew onto the back to maket he mouse’s tail. Cut up rectangles of felt for the sheet and blanket. Roll a small piece of felt a few times and stitch closed for the pillow. Arrange everything in the tin and tuck your little duo up in bed!