New beauty goes retro!

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  • How are you feeling? A bit grumpy? Need cheering up? Well, according to the boffins who analyse our spending habits, many of us are looking to the past to feel better. We’re beginning to reminisce about the good ol’ days. Ahh, remember when a latte was just a cup of milky coffee? And moisturiser was just moisturiser and not anti-ageing, 24-hour, light reflecting, calming serum for stressed skin?

    Like any bandwagon, the beauty industry have been one of the first to jump on-board. The two main attractions to these old-fashioned style products is that they’re made with simple, natural ingredients. And the packaging tends to have a trendy vintage look.

    High street favourite Boots, has lead the way with two exciting ranges.

    First there’s Girard perfumes. Orignally House of Girard was a big perfume brand in the 1920s, which gradually disappeared from the shelves. But recently the recipes for the fragrances were found in some very old archives at Boots. Five new Girard scents were created from the original notes.

    You can tell that the perfumes are different, although they don’t smell old fashioned – more like the sort of expensive scent that you’d have specially made for you. And the bottles look gorgeous too.

    Then there’s new Boots Original Formula which is a range of classic beauty products, such as cold cream and skin tonic. These new products have been recreated from the archived recipes of Jesse and Florence Boot, who set up the chemist 160 years ago.

    Also worth a look is Kiehl’s. It’s a range of beauty products created by a New York pharmacist in 1851. There are some really effective products such as the Lip Balm and the Crème de Corps (body cream) that have been around for over 150 years and are still best-sellers.

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