‘Oh, who am I kidding?’

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  • Should we or shouldn’t we get a dog? That is the question.

    My eldest son has wanted one for the past 10 years and now the other two are in on the act. I reckon at 14 and 11 they’re old enough to help look after it but whenever I say this to friends who already have dogs they roll their eyes and sigh. We all know what that means.

    Both my husband and I have had dogs in the past, so we know what hard work they are but at the same time the thought of a chocolate brown Labrador looking at me with big velvety eyes makes me think ‘What the hell, we’ll cope’. I’m sure it’s the same thinking that persuaded me to have child number three and that nearly pushed me right over the edge!

    But while I think a Labrador is the ideal dog, my husband wants a German Shepherd, my eldest wants a French Bull Mastiff, my middle son wants an Old English Sheepdog and my youngest wants something small she can dress up and carry round in a bag.

    And then there’s the cats. Fred and Archie are 5 years old and I’m really worried one of them will have a cat nervous breakdown or worse, run away. I’d never live with the guilt.
    It would be so much easier to stay as we are and not have a dog at all.

    In which case, why did I order myself a pair of wellies this morning? I don’t need them to walk to work, that’s for certain.

    If you’ve got a dog I’d love to know what breed and why you chose it. And what you called it. You can imagine the argument we’ll have over names if we get that far!

    PS Enjoy the clip below!

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