Peter’s feelings for the real Katie!

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  • Will Peter Andre agree to a reconciliation with Jordan?

    Since leaving I’m A Celebrity, Jordan has allowed her emotions to overtake her.

    In her post-jungle chat she dumped Alex Reid and admitted: ‘The whole place reminded me of Pete, from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep.’

    She’s cried more in the last two months than ever in her whole life,’ says Now’s source.

    ‘She’s usually scared of crying because she thinks it’s weak, but she can’t run from her feelings any more. She’s an emotional clam who finds it difficult to open up. Pete’s the only one who can get inside.’

    Peter Andre, 36, knew about 31-year-old Jordan’s turmoil because his brother Mike was watching her every move in the jungle.

    ‘Pete felt upset for her,’ says our insider. ‘He didn’t want the mother of his kids facing such a public backlash. He wouldn’t let the kids watch the TV clip where she said: ‘I love you, kids. Miss you.’

    ‘He didn’t want them to cry and he didn’t like to see his ex-wife in such a low state.

    ‘But seeing her say that reminded him of the one thing he’s repeatedly said he’ll always love her for: his kids. And it made his heart melt after months of frosty stand-offs.’

    The only sticking point to a reunion is that Peter’s management are against it. Jordan and his agent Claire Powell dislike each other with a passion. But Peter’s parents Savvas and Thea are desperate for a reconciliation.

    As strict Jehovah’s Witnesses, they’re very much anti-divorce. Peter recently said his divorce makes him feels like a failure to his mum and dad, who’ve been married for 55 years.

    Our source says: ‘He’s cagey about Katie. He’s scared that if he lets her in, the old Jordan will make his life hell again. But he never stopped loving the real Katie.’

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