Retail Business

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  • The Diploma in Retail Business will start from September 2010, in schools and colleges in different areas of the country.

    Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn…

    For the Diploma in Retail Business your course will look at 6 main areas:

    1. Introduction to retail: Explore the whole retail industry and how it works, including different types of businesses and jobs, and what retail means to people and communities.
    2. Exploring enterprise: Look at inspirational entrepreneurs in retail and what has made them so successful, as well as how to set up and run a retail business.
    3. Retail supply chain: Find out how goods in this sector go from being manufactured to being sold on the shop floor.
    4. Retail outlets: See how a retail outlet is run, from job roles to technology and health and safety hazards.
    5. Retail selling: Learn all about sales targets and how to pitch products to customers, as well as taking payments securely.
    6. Customer service: Understand the importance of customer service, how using feedback can help to get better results and handling complaints and compliments.

    If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you will cover more areas including sourcing and buying for product ranges, stock control, retail theatre (including merchandising and product presentation) and many more.

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    These are some of the things you might do on your course:

    * Learn every step of the retail process, from the supply chain to merchandising and stock control
    * Look at the risks and problems of retail supply chains, as well as ethical and environmental issues – such as sourcing stock from other countries
    * See how retailers present and sell their products, enticing customers in and making sure they have a positive experience
    * Practice sales techniques in different situations, and learn how to influence buying decisions

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