Snowboard Designer

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  • Hi, I’m Liza and I’m the Technical Director of a company called True Snowboards, which designs and makes snowboards. At school, I loved DT, Maths and Physics and went on to do a mechanical engineering degree.

    I didn’t know what to do for my final project so my teacher suggested I followed my interests and looked at snowboarding. I did my project on the vibrations and frequencies of snow and what that means for snowboard design and the rest is history!

    I think Science and Maths have led me to the best job in the world. I get to design snowboards, which I love, I get to test my designs on the French Alps and I get paid to do it!

    Did you know?

    Snowboard Designers can earn from £16,000- £55,000.

    Being a Snowboard Desginer, involves travelling to ski resorts all over the world, from the French Alps to the Canadian Rockies.

    Snowboard designers create boards for athletes at the winter Olympics. You could be responsible for helping bring home a gold medal!

    Snowboard designers and engineers don’t have a dress code to stick to and aren’t restricted to where they work.

    You get paid to spend a lot of time on the snow, testing different snowboard designs.

    Interested in Snowboard Design and Engineering?

    To find out more, look at the following links.

    Discover more about Liza’s company, True Snowboards, and find out more about the science behind snowboarding here. 

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