Society, Health & Develoment

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  • For the Diploma in society, health and development your course will look at 6 main areas:

    1. The sectors in context: Focuses on the political, social and economic factors that affect the four sectors today
    2. Principles and values in practice: The values and principles that underpin and inform the practice of everyone across the sectors. It puts the person using the service at the centre of provision
    3. Partnership working: New work practices mean that services work much more closely together to ensure the quality, greater flexibility and more efficient use of resources for service provision and support . For example, in family centres, there will be people from social services, health and the children’s services all working to ensure quality and integrated services for children and families
    4. Communication and information sharing: Good communication is crucial to people working across the sectors. What are the barriers to good communication, how can they be overcome and are there tensions between good communication and sharing information with other professionals and respecting the privacy of individuals?
    5. Personal and professional development in the work environment: Being able to reflect on own practice is a critical aspect of professional development – what did you do well, what can be improved, how can you improve your practice?
    6. Safeguarding and protecting individuals and society: People are often working with the most vulnerable people in society. It is important to understand what needs to be done to ensure that people are kept safe.

    If you’re doing a Higher or Advanced Diploma, you’ll look at the same themes but in more detail. Like the principles and values of different organisations and how they apply these in their everyday work plus partnership working and team-working.

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    These are some of the things you might do on your course:

    * Get involved in supporting other people
    * Learn about four of the UK’s biggest sectors:
    * Health, Adult social care, the children and young people’s workforce and community justice
    * And how to meet peoples’ needs
    * See how organisations and agencies form these sectors work together
    * Plus how they share information
    * And the values that underpin their work

    See the parts that make up this course