Sports Technologist

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  • Hi, I’m Chris and I work as a Sports Technologist for Adidas. I specialise in developing “ovoid” balls, which is basically any sports ball that isn’t round (like rugby balls). My job is to figure out the best designs for maximum performance.

    No day is ever quite the same, and I get to meet a lot of interesting people along the way, from sports scientists and coaches to athletes and sports stars.

    I loved science and maths at school and was also mad about rugby and squash. Taking Physics and Maths at A-level helped me get into uni and I use the scientific principles I learnt during my degree every day at work. I’d recommend my job to anyone interested in science, maths and of course, sports!

    Did you know?

    You could earn between £18,000 and £60,000.

    Sports Technologists spend a lot of their time outdoors, testing sports equipment and sometimes travel abroad too.

    You could get to work with the best sport stars and athletes in the world.

    There are loads of exciting opportunities for sports lovers in this field, from helping Formula One cars go faster to designing a new football stadium.

    Working with big sports brands is great as you get to try new products before anyone else.

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