The best beauty tips

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  • While shopping recently I noticed a group of 40+ women huddled around a make-up counter looking very confused. I wanted to do an SAS-style beauty intervention and share my hard-won beauty secrets but I was distracted by another women in her 50s having a consultation by a ‘professional’ beauty consultant. The advice this beauty consultant was giving the customer was totally wrong.

    Over the years I’ve worked as a beauty ed on some of the top magazines and newspapers. So, here are a couple of anti-ageing make-up tips that every woman needs to know:

    Mascara – too much can create shadows around your eyes, so if you’ve already got dark circles just use two coats on your top lashes.

    Curl your lashes – even if you don’t use mascara, it’ll help open up tired eyes and make lashes look longer

    Forget applying loads of coats of lip gloss or eye shadow – get your base right instead – too much is ageing.

    Always use a light reflecting foundation, it makes the skin look younger and avoid powder unless you need it on an oily T-zone.

    If you like eyeliner avoid a harsh line, always smudge it with a brush or cotton bud, this makes it look softer and more flattering.

    Swap your black or blue eyeliner and try grey or brown – you’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make

    Re-assess your lipstick, what suited you 5 or 10 years ago might not suit you now because everyone’s skin tone changes. To find a good lip colour look at the colour of your inside lip and try to match this with a lipstick or gloss. For evening go for a glossier or deeper version of that lip colour.

    Experts are always harping on about how water is good for you but it really is a brilliant beauty tool. Likewise, a good diet is essential too.