The great Quality Street debate: Which one are you?

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  • A tin of Quality Street is as much a part of a family Christmas in the UK as a turkey is, and we all have our favourite one.

    If you’re a family full of soft-centre lovers then only you will know the very real pain of being faced with a tin full of only toffees once your nearest and dearest have done their worst. And on the other end of the scale if you’re a toffee lover then frankly you can’t get your head around those who appreciate a fruity middle.

    We tried to create the definitive ranking of the best Quality Street flavours but it turns out that’s easier said than down.

    Here at goodtoknow we’re a pretty passionate bunch and we all have pretty strong, and very, very different opinions on which Quality Street is best.

    But who is right? What is favourite Quality Street? Tell us in the comments below or via our Facebook Or Twitter

    I’m a Milk Chocolate Block

    By goodtoknow’s Publisher Tom Smith
    Sometimes people get blindsided by the seemingly fancy flavours and colourful paper of the other sub-standard Quality Streets, but when it gets down to it we all know what we came to the tin for, and that’s a chocolate fix. The milk chocolate block is the only option which can truly satisfy that primal chocolate craving so completely, so wholely and so generously. The other options might be covered in chocolate but what have you got when the shell has gone? Some gloopy caramel or some stale nuts? No thanks, it’s plain (pardon the pun) to see that the milk chocolate block is the ruler supreme of the Quality Street tin.

    I’m a Coconut Eclair

    By goodtoknow’s Content Producer Eleanor Jones
    All of this is rubbish. The Coconut Éclair is the best one in the Quality Street selection, and I’ll tell you for why – from the simple, tasteful blue wrapper to the crumbly tropical filling, everything about it just exudes class. So many people blindly go straight for the gaudy purple one, (‘ooh look at me, I’ve got a hazelnut in the middle!’) but it’s too sweet, too sticky, too obvious. It might be the underdog in this tub full of show-offs, but those who truly appreciate the wonder of coconut will know its sweet, exotic taste beats all of them hands down.

    I’m a Vanilla Fudge

    By goodtoknow’s Content Producer Gemma Chandler
    Anyone who thinks vanilla means boring or unexciting, let me tell you: there’s nothing ‘vanilla’ about the Vanilla Fudge Pink. That cellophane wrapper is the best pinky promise you could ever ask for. From the moment that silky milk chocolate melts down to the buttery, soft fudge inside, it is quite simply euphoric, genius, like a choir of angels singing in your mouth. I challenge you to resist the urge to chew. You won’t last 5 seconds.

    I’m a Purple One

    By goodtoknow’s Wellbeing Editor Sarah Allard
    It beggars belief that there could be any plausible Quality Street choice other than The Purple One. Any true Purple at heart will know there is nothing quite like the excitement of realising you’re in a group of non-Purple lovers: more of that caramel, hazelnut, chocolate goodness for you! It is a FACT (if it’s on the Nestle website, it’s a fact) that The Purple One is the most popular of all the Quality Streets (err, hello? There’s a reason why Superdrug have made a whole big purple out of lots of little purples. Hurrah!). They even made it into a bar one year, although it’s no longer available. Trust me, I checked. Did I mention I love The Purple One?

    I’m a Toffee Finger

    By goodtoknow’s contributor Lissa Hawkins
    Ah, the toffee finger. No other Quality Street can quite compare to this stick of sweet and creamy toffee. What’s so beautiful about this little number is its shape – it can be spotted a mile off amongst all the boring circles of the tin, shining like a golden beacon in its regal packaging. Your average sweet in a Quality Street tin is all safe smooth sides and circular shapes, but not the Toffee Finger which refuses to conform – it’s an edgy alternative to the rest of the pack. As well as this, as if you needed MORE reasons to love it, it’s also packed full of real milk containing plenty of natural calcium which makes it basically a health food.

    I’m a Caramel Swirl

    By goodtoknow’s Social Media Editor Shannon Kovacs
    As rich as the name suggests, the Caramel Swirl Gold is a one-of-a-kind, decadent affair. The luxe gold wrapping for starters makes it the ultimate choice in a box full of garish colours all competing to be the best. From the milky chocolate outer shell to the sumptuous caramel filling, this regal chocolate doesn’t need a range of fancy fillings to make it the best, the caramel inside makes it an absolute classic.

    I’m a Green Triangle

    By goodtoknow’s Editorial Assistant Anna Matheson
    The Green Triangle, also known as the fancy hazelnut noisette, just oozes French glamour and its clean, straight lines are always in season. It’s the choice for those that want something a little different, something a little more avant-garde – those that would rather be a triangle in a room full of squares (and circles.) It’s rich, nutty centre just melts in the mouth – it’s sensual, self-indulgent and as of August 2013, it’s even got its own bar. Don’t follow the pack this year – be like the green triangle and make waves.

    I’m a Toffee Penny

    By goodtoknow contributor Holly Boultwood
    Why waste your time with all those sub-par chocolate covered monstrosities when you can bask in the golden glory of the glorious toffee penny? Other chocolates are gone in seconds, but not the toffee penny – oh no. Not only will you spend a few wonderful minutes devouring the chewy toffee goodness, you’ll also find little nuggets of joy in your teeth for hours to come.

    A little warm in your house? Chocolates starting to melt? Which option won’t let you down? The toffee penny of course! And don’t even get me started on the melting possibilities – don’t even talk to me about your favourite Quality Street until you have warmed up one of these golden lovelies with some ice cream. Life changed.

    As if I needed more proof, Miss Quality Street herself (well, her great-great-grandparents created them) Millie Mackintosh has said that the golden pennies are her favourite. Case. Closed.

    I’m a Strawberry Delight

    By goodtoknow’s Online Assistant Rosie Conroy
    Let’s face it; this little fella is the most delightful Quality Street – the clue’s in the name guys. Yes, lovers of all things sweet and fruity, you are the crème of the crop when it comes to chocolate-choosers and eaters, The Strawberry Delight is clearly the educated choice when it comes to sweets. The combination of bitter dark chocolate, which melts away in moments, to reveal a sweet and smooth fruit centre is thing of My Little Pony-style dreams – pink, sugary and magical. If you’re left in any doubt as to where your allegiances lie, ask yourself this: what other Quality Street can provide you with the hint of a promise towards your 5-a-day and the taste of pure summer in the dead of winter? Not a single other is the answer. Case and point I think.

    I’m an Orange Creme

    By goodtoknow’s Senior Marketing Executive Hayley Camis
    The Marmite of the Quality Street world, the orange cream divides many critics, and only the truly fabulous and fruity in life really appreciate its charms. The bitter dark chocolate shell makes a refreshing change from the sickly sweet milk of the other predictable options, whilst the smooth-as-silk filling really is a moment of sugar-laden bliss. Some people may recoil in horror, but if the orange cream is your favourite, it just means your taste buds are much more refined than the lovers of bog-standard caramel centres. They don’t want it? That just means more for you!

    I’m a Toffee Deluxe

    By goodtoknow’s Recipes Content Producer Jessica Dady
    There’s no point beating around the bush, the Toffee Deluxe is quite simply the best you can get in a tin of Quality Street – no other quite compares to this delightfully sweet combination of chocolate and toffee. First you get the instant chocolate hit, which is what you originally came for, but next you get the surprisingly satisfying, slow and generous give of toffee, rich with tones of brown sugar and double cream. There’s not another sweet out there that can pick you up and take you to such a safe and happy place for quite so long and that is why this will always be my favourite.

    I’m an Orange Crunch

    By goodtoknow’s Editor Charlotte Gunn
    You can keep your toffees and filled chocolates with all that chewing and sucking bits out of your teeth, I’d take an Orange Crunch above all the others any day. It’s simple, straightforward and you know exactly what you’re getting with this one – chocolate with just enough crunch, thanks to the small popped rice pieces. This, combined with a zingy orange flavour is a match made in treat heaven and can become dangerously addictive. Wrapped up in a bow-shaped casing, this is the gift Quality Street themselves are giving their consumers, luckily it’s only the chosen few who can recognise this – meaning we get them all to ourselves!

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