The real reason Laura was kicked off X Factor

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  • The dad of The X Factor’s Laura White – eliminated in Saturday night’s show – says she’d become the victim of a vicious campaign to stop her from winning.

    After the 21-year-old student got through to the live finals, 3 damaging stories circulated in the tabloids tarnishing her public image.

    ‘There was one story saying Laura’s dating an X Factor executive. She’s not,’ dad Adrian, 50, a builder’s merchant from Bolton, tells Now.

    ‘Another story appeared in the papers saying she was under contract to Matt Aitken [a producer who worked with Pete Waterman as part of Stock, Aitken and Waterman], but she isn’t.

    ‘Then there was another story saying she was going to walk out of the show because she was homesick. She may have been a little homesick, but she’s not a quitter.’

    Each of the rumours has had a thread of truth. Laura’s reported to be dating businessman Mathew Firsht, 38, who runs the company that provides audiences to attend live recordings of shows such as The X Factor. Sources at the ITV1 show confirm, however, that Mathew has no influence on the programme.

    Laura was briefly signed with Matt Aitken – but that was 5 years ago. ‘He signed her when she was 16,’ says Adrian. ‘They didn’t put out any singles and he shelved his interest because other projects came up.

    ‘And as for walking out, that’s absurd. I’ve never known anyone so determined.’

    Laura was clearly shocked to leave The X Factor on Saturday and couldn’t speak to host Dermot O’Leary. Her dad will be devastated, too.

    See the full story in Now magazine dated 10 November 2008 – out now!

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