Ultimate Synergy

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  • With the help of laser lipo technology, you can lose 12lbs in 2 weeks and target those areas you want to lose weight from the fastest like hard to shift tummy fat or stubborn bingo wings. This new weight loss system is an easy way to lose weight quickly and safely without punishing exercise routines or starvation rations. If you are looking for rapid weight loss without feeling deprived, this new high performance weight loss system could be just what you need.

    Called Ultimate SynergyTM, it was developed by a scientist at the Laser Weight Loss Clinic and uses a specific diet alongside fat releasing treatments (both metabolic and non-metabolic pathways) to help you lose weight amazingly quickly – in fact from their clinical trials they estimated that Ultimate Synergy accelerated weight loss by up to 68% more than can be achieved by dieting alone.

    The laser treatments are safe and pain free and they are so confident that you will lose weight, they are offering a risk free guarantee, ‘Lose Weight or Your Money Back’. Many of their clients are losing over a stone in 3 weeks.
    When you sign up for your trial, you will have comprehensive information and a personal workbook at one of their Approved Partner clinics throughout the UK (click here for areas available).

    ULTIMATE SYNERGY – 3 steps to success

    1.   Kick start- 3 days to re-balance your body and get you into metabolic lipolysis (fat burning)

    2.   Ultimate Synergy diet – using metabolic and non-metabolic pathways, you can accelerate your weight loss by up to 68%. You can safely stay on Ultimate Synergy for as long as you need to reach your goal weight

    3.   Life plan – once you’ve reached your goal weight, transition into a lifetime of healthy eating and optimal health. Permanently control your weight and reduce the risk of diseases related to our modern diet.

    More benefits of Ultimate Synergy

    • Reduces hunger and gives you a welcome energy boost
    • No gym membership or gruelling workouts necessary
    • Target the areas you specifically want to lose weight from
    • A healthy, well balanced combination of real food (one man lost 8 stone in 5 months with a similar combination of foods)
    • No more weight loss plateaus that you may have experienced in the past

    Looks like a great way to lose weight fast!

    By Dr Ruth Searle