Washi tape cardboard initials

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  • This is an easy stress-free craft to do with the kids, they’ll love making their initials, or even their full name if you’re feeling ambitious!

    Washi tape has gained popularity recently in the UK as it’s so versatile, it’s easy to see why – we love it!

    This pretty product is a decorative masking tape which originated in Japan. Keeping a couple of rolls of washi tape in your craft box will ensure you can transform basic materials into something pretty, in a flash.

    Because of its semi translucent surface it is great for crafts, you can write on it and it also doesn’t leave a sticky residue like other tapes! That means if you make your making these with little ones, it doesn’t matter if they get the positioning of the tape a bit off – you can just peel it back and try again.

    If you’d prefer a particular colour for your letter then you can easily paint the cardboard initial before you start, just remember to let it dry thoroughly before you start sticking the tape!

    You will need

    -A cardboard letter (ours was £2 from Hobbycraft)

    -Several rolls of different washi tape

    Step 1

    Start by placing a few strips of one tape on your letter, then alternate through the others before coming back to the first. Make sure you can still see the first strips under the layers, but leave the back bare – you won’t be looking at it, so don’t waste tape.

    Step 2

    Save any scrappy bits of tape to mask any empty spaces. You may want to finish with a thin layer of Mod Podge sealer or PVA glue, so the corners don’t curl up.

    Step 3

    Cover the empty back with colourful card or thick paper and you’re done.