We all want Cheryl’s hair!

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  • Cheryl Cole has been voted as having the best hair. And we have to admit, we agree. It always looks perfect even when she’s doing that sexy, dishevelled, ‘Yeah, I just got out of bed like this’ sort of look.

    Top British hairdresser Trevor Sorbie said. ‘It’s no surprise that Cheryl’s hair came out on top. There’s something very attractive about gorgeous glossy hair. Cheryl’s hair always looks in perfect condition with a great colour, which really suits her.’

    So, if you’ve got hair envy and you want yours to shine and shimmy like Cheryl’s, here are a few tips:

    Gloss – Did you know this can be a giveaway to your real age? As we get older our hair gets drier and coarser. So always use a shine-enhancing conditioner but rinse well otherwise your hair could look greasy.

    Don’t be too rough with your hair, constant straightening, blow-drying and scrunching can lead to dryness, dullness and split ends.

    Use a conditioning hair mask every few weeks. Or, if you’ve got coloured hair, once a week.

    Always use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type: dry, coloured, greasy, chemically treated, etc.

    If you want flattering colour never go more that two shades lighter or darker than your natural/base colour.

    If you’re in a hurry and you want instant shine, spritz some shine enhancing serum into the palm of your hand – about a 10p sized blob if you have long hair, 5p sized if you have short hair. Rub your hands together and make sure the serum goes all over your palms, fingers and the back of your hands, then run your hands through the ends of your hair.

    Don’t forget what goes into your body can also have an effect on the condition of your hair. Stick to a high protein diet with lots of good fats, the Skin Diet is a good one to try.

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