What’s in season and how to use it

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  • The best time to enjoy fruit, veg and meat is when it’s in season. It’ll be at its freshest, tastiest and cheapest! Read on to find out what’s in season at the moment and how you can use it – from as little as 34p.


    Blackberries will appear on the bushes from July – throughout the summer is the only time you’ll find them available cheaply in the shops.
    What to do with them: Make jam!
    Cost: Tesco blackberries cost £2.25 for a 200g punnet.

    Blueberries are one of the first berries to appear, coming into season in June. They’re hailed as one of the best superfoods and are packed with anti-oxidants which will make you feel great and look younger.
    What to do with them: Add them to your cereal at breakfast time and to some yoghurt with some honey for dessert.
    Cost: Tesco blueberries cost £3 for a 350g punnet.

    Although they’re a fruit and they’re very good for you, cherries still feel like a real treat for us! They’re in season until August, so make the most of them until then.
    What to do with them: We think you can’t beat cherries served with ice cream for dessert.
    Cost: Tesco cherries cost £3.99 for a medium-sized punnet.

    They’re great tinned, but nothing beats peaches when they’re fresh and juicy in season. Just remember a napkin to wipe your chin!
    What to do with them: They’re a really good snack on their own, or as a dessert with cold custard and crushed up shortbread biscuits (trust us).
    Cost: Tesco peaches are £3.39 for a pack.

    Another berry that’s best enjoyed in the summer, you’ll find raspberries in season from June.
    What to do with them: Serve with some crushed up meringues and some whipped up cream for a delicious Eton Mess.
    Cost: Tesco raspberries cost £1.99 for a small punnet.

    You’ll find strawberries in season from June until the end of August, when they’ll be the ripest, juciest and tastiest that you’ll find all year round.
    What to do with them: Go traditional, serve them with some cream or stick them in some Pimms and sit in the garden.
    Cost: Tesco strawberries cost £3.99 for a 227g punnet.


    Asparagus is in season at the start of summer, but comes to the end of its season in July – so make the most of it early on. It really is at its tastiest when it’s in season in the UK, because the milder temperatures means the taste develops more.
    What to do with it: Add into a risotto for a bit of bite and extra veggies. If you’re a huge asparagus fan, you could by a big batch while it’s in season and freeze it to use later in the year.
    Cost: Tesco Everyday Value Asaparagus costs £1.30 for 200g.

    Aubergine is popular in all sorts of cuisines – you’ll find it in curries, ratatouille, pastas and more. It’s perfect to go with all sorts of dishes.
    What to do with it: In the winter, we’d say make moussaka, but in the summer we think aubergine is perfect for veggie stack burgers. Grab a burger bun, some halloumi or some feta, some lettuce, some tomato relish and fry a bit of aubergine to make into a burger. Delicious – and a great fun way to get the kids to eat some veg.
    Cost: An aubergine at Tesco costs £1.

    Good old broccoli is in season from the end of July. If you’re struggling to get younger kids to eat them, try calling them mini trees instead, that’s bound to make them seem more appealing!
    What to do with it: You can’t go wrong with a bit of brocolli on the side of your meat and potatoes.
    Cost: A loose brocolli at Tesco costs 75p.

    Cucumber’s at it’s best when it comes into season in July. If you don’t think you’ll get through a whole one, just buy a smaller portion so none goes to waste.
    What to do with it: Chop into baton and eat with hummus for a healthy, high-protein snack.
    Cost: A whole cucumber at Tesco costs 80p, while a portion costs 45p.

    Courgettes are actually very versatile. You can eat them raw, fry them in a bit of batter to make like chips, add them to stir-fries, wraps, mince dishes and loads more. They’ll be in seaosn from June
    What to do with them: Team up with some other seasonal veg for a tasty stir-fry. We think courgette and asparagus go really well together with a bit of chilli and some feta.
    Cost: A courgette will cost you 34p at Tesco.

    New potatoes
    Recent research showed that potatoes actually have more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than traditional superfoods like beetroot. As if we needed another excuse to eat them!
    what to do with them: Boil and then toss in some butter and some mint and serve on the side of your mint – or make into a potato salad on the side of a BBQ.
    Cost: Tesco Everyday Value new potatoes cost 59p for a 1kg bag.

    It might already be a family favourite in tins, but corn on the cob is a fun way to enjoy some really nutritious veg. It comes into season in July.
    What to do with it: Wrap in tin foil and heat on the BBQ.
    Cost: A twin pack of corn on the cob costs £1.79 at Tesco.

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