Why choose LighterLife?

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  • Fast, simple, safe and sustainable – LighterLife is more than a diet.

    While you’re losing weight learn what’s going on in your head so that you can keep the weight off. It’s our Counsellors that make us different. If you’re tired of being on a diet join LighterLife and find out how over 100,000 men and women have lost weight fast.

    However busy your lifestyle, the soups, shakes and bars are convenient and easy to use. LighterLife has been carefully put together to comply with medical recommendations on the use of this type of weight-loss programme so you can feel safe. LighterLife Counsellors offer the opportunity to explore your relationship with food in a small single-sex group of people. Your LighterLife Counsellor and weekly group meetings – it’s so safe. Proven techniques will help you discover why you overeat and work out effective solutions. Keep your weight off using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and transactional analysis techniques – the sooner you lose weight, the sooner you’ll see the benefits.

    How does Lighter Life work?

    LighterLife is a weight-loss and weight-management programme for men and women who are aged 16 or over and have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or above. Typically, this means you’re one stone or more overweight.

    Change your eating habits and your thinking
    Have you developed some eating habits that you wish you hadn’t or that you know are bad for you? Using our Foodpacks every day means that you’ll stay in ketosis and lose weight quickly and safely without feeling hungry, whatever your starting BMI.

    Do you eat when you’re not hungry?
    Do you ever eat something and then wish you hadn’t? At weekly group meetings led by an accredited LighterLife Weight Management Counsellor you’ll explore the reasons why you overeat and learn effective ways to deal with problems, feelings and difficult situations without turning to food.

    Change that lasts – free support for life
    Once you’ve reached a healthy weight, our Management Programme offers free support for life. You’re always welcome at a free monthly Management group meeting, whether its for a weight check, to buy Foodpacks or to brush up on your weight-management skills. This means you can continue to benefit from the support of your LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellor for as long as you need.

    What support will I get?

    When you join LighterLife you’ll be attending weekly, single-sex group meetings led by your Weight-Management Counsellor. And then when you reach your desired, healthy weight, your Weight-Management Counsellor will still support you to carry on living lighter (find out more about the management programme).

    LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellors come from many different backgrounds. They’re men and women who’ve chosen this career because they want to make a real difference to people’s lives. All LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellors have a BTEC Professional Certificate in Operating a Weight-Management Consultancy.

    What do clients think of their Weight-Management Counsellors?

    Sue, Chesterfield
    I felt it was imperative that I contact you as I cannot praise my counsellor highly enough! She has been at every one of my meetings and is constantly encouraging and positive about both myself and the program and I am sure that a lot of my success is down to her insight and the counselling sessions. The advice she has given has always proved to be the right and she has never been judgemental about anyone in the group. As a group we have all bonded incredibly well and I believe that this is also due to my Counsellor’s style of leading the group discussions. I really believe that she has found her vocation in life and is fantastic at the job she is doing! I feel very fortunate that I live in the area which she covers and I am sure I will remain in contact with her indefinitely.

    Arianna, LondonI have been on the Lighter Life programme since April and I managed to lose 3 and a half stones. I think the programme is just fantastic! I feel so much better now! I attend meetings in London. I just wanted to let you know that my counsellor is just fantastic!!!! She is really encouraging, supportive, very friendly and makes you feel really at ease since the first meeting we had. She is a credit to your company! If all your counsellors are like her, no doubt the program has a high success rate!

    Success stories

    ‘I hid beneath baggy jumpers and big coats’ Monica

    ‘I used to long for the winter because it meant I didn’t have to reveal my chunky arms and bulging tummy. Instead I could hide underneath baggy jumpers and big coats. I’d dieted before but I’d lose a bit then put it all back on again.’

    ‘Then another mother at my daughters’ school lost a dramatic amount of weight during the summer holidays on LighterLife and I knew I had to try it.’

    ‘Before, when I drove my two daughters to school, I couldn’t bear to get out of the car. Now I can’t wait to show off my new figure.’

    ‘A heart attack gave me a wake-up call’ Patricia

    ‘I was rushed into hospital with a heart attack. I realised I had to lose weight.’

    ‘Once I was out of hospital, I joined LighterLife. I’d never been able to stick to a diet before but I found LighterLife a lot easier then I expected. I was full of gusto and I really wanted to do it.’

    ‘Soon simple activities such as climbing the stairs were starting to get easier. I used to kid myself that my weight wasn’t the problem but, once it began to drop off, there was no denying what a big part of the problem it had been. Now that I’ve had a taste of being thin, I’m determined to stay this way.’

    I thought I’d never be good enough’ Nina

    ‘I have always been a perfectionist. I put a lot of pressure on myself. I thought I’d never be good enough. The first time my daughter asked me to do the mums’ race at school I made up an excuse – I was embarrassed about my weight.’

    ‘After losing 4st 3lb with LighterLife, I at last had the confidence to compete in the mums’ race. LighterLife helped me to understand that I don’t always have to be perfect, because nobody is.’

    ‘The future is really exciting and I feel so strong.’

    ‘I used to worry what people thought’ Claire

    ‘I would feel compelled to do my hair and put on full make-up to pop out for a pint of milk or just to do some weeding – I was probably the best dressed gardener in our village.’

    ‘Then I joined LighterLife and dropped 5 dress sizes. I’ve got more confidence about fitting in socially and in my job, and I don’t worry about what people think.’

    ‘Eighteen months on, I’m still maintaining my healthy weight.’