Dodge your diet danger zones

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    Eaten your lunch by 11am, tucked into biscuits before dinner, or skipped breakfast only to have a doughnut and latte later? We all have our diet weak spots but you can beat them with Woman’s Own diet therapist Monica Grenfell’s smart tricks – and drop 3lb this week.


    Danger zone – breakfast

    You stop off on the way to work for a chocolate croissant or bacon roll plus a latte – because you didn’t eat breakfast. A whopping 450 calories already.

    Beat it
    Lay out your breakfast the night before with cereal packets, bowls and chopped fruit ready in the fridge – it takes thirty seconds but is so nice to wake up to.

    Smart fix
    Mixing protein and carbohydrate like yogurt, banana and a few flaked almonds (195 calories) will keep you satisfied all morning.


    Danger zone- mid-morning

    You’re peckish and your sandwiches are in your handbag so you dig in. Now they’re gone- at 11am.

    Beat it
    You think it saves money to make your own, but if you end up buying another one, it’s expensive and double the calories! In the end, you might be better to wait until lunchtime to buy your food.

    Smart fix
    Try a wafer-thin smoked ham and salad sandwich or chicken and stuffing (no mayo)- 266 calories each.


    Danger zone- dinner

    You walk in the door with your tummy rumbling like mad and pour a large glass of wine – and then another. Then, while dinner’s cooking, you dig into the peanuts.

    Beat it
    Use a slow-cooker or oven timer so that your food is hot and ready when you get home.


    Have a salad waiting in the fridge and pop on a hard-boiled egg – less than 100 calories. That’s better than 500 calories worth of wine and nuts.


    Danger zone- watching TV

    The adverts come on – a signal to put the kettle on and have a few crisps while you’re waiting. Oh, and maybe a few biscuits too.

    Beat it
    Ad breaks is prime pig-out time! Keep yourself busy such as painting your nails. Or why not hit the floor and spend three minutes doing sit-ups or stretches? These breaks can cost you 200 calories a time, but fitness breaks can give you 12 minutes exercise during just one show!

    Smart fix
    If you have to snack, keep it to an orange (only 40 calories).


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