Home fitness equipment: Reduce your bum

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  • We naturally store fat around our bums so getting the derriere of your dreams is hard! The best exercises to do to help reduce the size of your bum are squats and lunges but you’ll need to do a cardiovascular workout (exercise which gets your heart pumping and lungs working) too, as this is how you’ll burn fat faster.

    We recommend the cross trainer, stepper or aerobics step to get a good cardiovascular workout, and the Pilates ring or Yogalates DVD to help you make your bum smaller.

    Best fitness DVD:

    Yogalates For Weight Loss, £5.98, from Amazon Cheap!
    This is a great DVD for beginners as the workouts are low-impact and safe. Do it 3 times a week to tone up and lose weight from your belly, arms, bum and legs. If you need to unwind too, this DVD is perfect. It also includes a 15-minute ‘Instant Abs’ routine for fast results.

    Best fitness equipment:

    Reebok I-Train Cross Trainer, £245, from gymworld.co.uk Expensive but worth it!
    If you’re willing to spend a bit of money and have extra room at home, you could try a cross trainer. If used regularly, you’ll improve your health, fitness levels and get a full body workout. You’ll get a great cardio workout too and tighten your bum, thighs, hips and belly. This machine can be used by beginners to intermediates and comes with a basic console that monitors your progress.

    Body Sculpture BS1370 Mini Twist Stepper, £29.99, from Amazon Tones your bum and upper body!
    Like climbing stairs, this stepper will help you to tone your thighs and bum, plus you’ll get an upper-body workout in one go. It counts steps per minute and calories burned.

    Reebok Step including DVD, £48.75, from Amazon Recommended by goodtoknow!
    A step workout is one of the best all-round exercises for getting fit, toning muscles, and burning fat. This step is easy to use at home. You can adjust the height to change the intensity of your workout, or use ankle, wrist or hand weights to tone up quicker.

    Gaiam Pilates Lowerbody Ring Kit, £25, from John Lewis
    Easy exercise!
    Pilates is a great workout for toning the body and it’s relaxing too. Use a lowerbody ring to help you get the right stretch on your bum, thighs and legs. It also includes a training DVD, which is easy to follow.

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