Spray on nail polish: Meet the world’s fastest manicure

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  • The phrase ‘world’s fastest manicure’ is music to our ears.

    For the time poor having a spare moment in to paint our nails once a week, or even once a year for a special occasion, definitely gets pushed down the list of priorities.

    To be honest we can just about manage to get out the door having had a shower most days.

    So hearing the news that we will never again have to spend up to ten minutes waiting for your nails to dry whilst the dinner burns and the children destroy the house couldn’t come at a better time.

    The Nails Inc Paint Can Spray (£10 each) is a brand new product, and unlike anything else in the shops. Forget the traditional paintbrush and polish; this is a manicure for 2015.

    The aerosol has been designed so that you apply a quick colourless base coat to your nails and then can simply spray your selected colour on to your fingers.

    All you have to do is apply a layer of base coat to ensure the spray sticks to the nail – and not your hand!

    So far it has been released in two festive colours to get into the spirit of the season. We love the ‘Hoxton Square’ hot neon pink colour at the moment, whilst ‘Shoreditch Lane’ silver foil will be great come New Years Eve.

    You can even use this polish on the go – just remember to bring some face wipes to remove the excess polish.

    And for those who require their manicure to be toddler-proof we recommend adding a topcoat to ensure that 10 seconds of spraying does not go to waste.

    GoodtoKnow say

    Whilst aiming a spray can at your hands may seem a little odd (not to mention messy), we were pretty impressed by how easy the process was (and dare we say, even a little fun?!)

    It might take a couple of goes to get it right, but all you need to do is simply apply your base coat, spray the polish general direction of your hands and then wipe away the mess. The coverage is good and it’s lasting, too!

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