‘I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle’ Vicky Pattison breaks down over online trolling and insecurities on Loose Women

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  • Vicky Pattison has opened up about her confidence struggles during an emotional segment on ITV’s Loose Women.

    The reality star, who began her career on MTV’s Geordie Shore and has famously slimmed from a size 16 to a size 8 in recent years, was reduced to tears as she told her fellow panellists about the effects of criticism, and how she finds it hard to keep a ‘brave face’ when confronted with comments from cruel online trolls.

    As part of an experiment for the show, which examined the question ‘Are you your biggest critic?’, Vicky, 28, was recorded revealing what she really thought about her own body and self image.

    ‘Oh my god, what are you doing here?’ she said in the clip. ‘You don’t fit in, you’re not as good as everyone else. Everyone’s looking at you and thinking who are you and what do you do here. Make it easier for yourself and go now.’

    Becoming visibly upset in the studio, Vicky commented, ‘I feel really stupid hearing that back. I try so hard to put on this persona, this brave face that you’re strong and that you’re hard and that the things people say don’t effect you.’

    ‘I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle with negativity on social media. People treating strips off you is never nice. I get everything, people telling me I don’t deserve it, and people judging me on my past.’

    ‘I don’t want to be that role model who tells little girls you need to listen to these people. It is demoralising!’

    Referring to recent unflattering bikini pictures that had been circulating on the internet, leading some followers to suggest that she Photoshops the images on her own social media accounts, she added, ‘That’s what I want to be. I want to say it’s OK to be normal, and that it OK to be normal,’ she continued. ‘When I write things on Instagram or say these things in interviews it is what I believe.’

    Vicky also said that she was grateful to have grown up in a time before social media was so prevalent, as it’s ‘given a voice to negative people.’

    In a post on her Instagram account after the show, she admitted that whilst the filming had been hard, the outpouring of support she’d received afterwards had ‘restored her faith in humanity’.

    ‘Today’s @loosewomen was big for me… It wasn’t easy confessing what I did and i felt very emotional and vulnerable.’

    ‘But I feel like it is my duty as a panellist to always be honest and my inner critic mixed with online trolls and haters have been tearing me apart for awhile! I want to by strong and a good role model and I will endeavour to do this every day!’

    ‘Huge THANKYOU to my amazing @loosewomen fellow panellists @coleen_nolan, Kaye and Jane… Aswell as everyone out there who has sent me messages of support! You have reaffirmed my faith in humanity today and I love you all deeply!’

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