Alex Jones visits hospital after not feeling her baby move and urges other expectant mothers to do the same

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  • Alex Jones took a trip to the hospital last night after not feeling her baby move and stresses it’s always best to go and check.

    Alex Jones is pregnant with her second child with husband Charlie Thomsom.

    She went to the hospital last night (26 February) to check the baby was still growing on track as she hadn’t felt the baby move as much as she felt she should.

    Taking to her Instagram story to post a picture from the hospital bed, Alex wrote: ‘Hadn’t felt much movement from the baby for a few days so lying here being monitored.

    ‘If in doubt mamas ALWAYS check! So reassuring to hear the heartbeat.’

    She then confirmed that everything was okay with her little boy or girl and urged other pregnant women to always get checked if they are worried.

    Alex wrote: ‘All was fine at the hospital his or hers little heart beat was going like the clappers but good to check. Thanks for the messages.’

    Alex and Charlie’s son Teddy turned one in January and will soon have a little sibling to play with…

    Alex had previously opened up about her struggle to conceive again but she announced her baby joy in December last year, much to the delight of her fans and followers.

    She keeps everyone updated with her progress on Instagram and viewers of The One Show will also notice her baby bump growing.

    Alex hasn’t confirmed how far along in her pregnancy she is but if you want to track your pregnancy week by week, use our easy guide to learn about your baby’s development.

    Did you find your second pregnancy different to your first? Perhaps you’re pregnant with your second or third child now and are finding the baby is behaving different to previous? Head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation and share your tips and advice with other readers…

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