The Body Blitzer diet

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  • Getting rid of cellulite is no easy task, but with the right kinds of exercises for cellulite and eating the right foods, you can banish unwanted dimples for good. Just think, all those times staring at your changing room reflection with nothing but horror could be gone for good! Sounds too good to be true, right?

    The Body Blitzer diet works on the premise that by cutting extra calories from your diet that you don’t otherwise need, your body will use up the excess fat stored in your body as cellulite for energy.

    If you just want to shift the orange peel effect on your arms, legs and bottom, use the diet and exercise regime to smooth problem areas and drop 3lb in a week.

    How it works

    1. Lose the fat Excess fat starts clumping as cellulite – you only need 18-28 per cent body fat. Cut back by 500-700 cals to 1200-1400 cals a day and your body will use up excess fat for energy

    2. Flush your system
    * Keep a clean system with natural laxative foods and juices like prunes, strawberries, beetroot and oranges.
    * Cut back on heavy protein foods like red meat and eggs.
    * Increase fluid-rich foods like melon, tomatoes and spinach.
    * Eat diuretic vegetables like asparagus and celery.

    3. Exercise Targeted exercise in small daily amounts is better than a couple of manic sessions at the gym each week. When tackling cellulite it really is a matter of the more you put in the faster the results – these daily exercise will wake up the muscles in buttocks, thighs and arms and you’ll see a difference in 7 days.

    Target areas

    Try to do all these exercises one after the other for a thorough toning workout lasting about five minutes. Repeat every day.


    Just think of swimming! Lie across a ball, stool or chair, to support your spine. Use a cushion if you like. Now simply ‘flutter’ your legs up and down as if your doing the front crawl. Do it for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds then do another 30.

    Lie down on the floor and place feet flat against a wall with your knees bent. Push against the wall with your feet to raise your hips, then lower back down, 10 times. Rest for a few seconds then repeat.


    Lie across the stool, chair or ball again with your hands flat on the floor and arms streched out. Lower to the ground and raise up again in a press up style. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds, slowly.

    The diet rules

    1. Follow for six days a week then have one cheat day when you can eat whatever you like

    2. Drink one litre of fresh water per day

    3. No alcohol except on your cheat day when you can enjoy a glass or two

    4. Allow up to 250ml skimmed or soya milk per day, in tea or decaffeinated coffee 

    The menu

Choose one for each meal


Cellulite-busting smoothie:

    One banana

    1tbs oats 1tbs wheatgerm 

    6 almonds

    300ml Soya or skimmed milk

    handful blueberries

    2tsp honey
Blitz together in a blender and drink slowly

Cellulite-busting muesli
    30g oats 1dsp sunflower seeds

    1tbs wheatgerm

    1/2 apple, chopped or grated

    250ml skimmed, rice or soya milk
Mix all together and top with a few flaked almond


    Handful of cherries or a pear 


    Cellulite-busting salad:

    Bed of shredded lettuce

    Handful Watercress and Spinach One carrot, grated

    1dsp unsalted sweetcorn

    1dsp cold peas 1 stick celery, chopped

    6 asparagus spears 

    1dsp cold, cooked broad beans (tinned are OK)

    1 Sliced tomato

Top with ONE of the following
    half avocado, sliced
    200g cold cooked chicken, diced 

    Small tin tuna in water 

    Half tub cottage cheese with one ring pineapple, chopped 

    100g diced chicken with 100g diced mango
Add a dressing made with olive oil, juice and zest of a lemon and a spoon of natural yoghurt

400 ml bowl of asparagus, celery or spinach soup with small granary roll

    Evening meal

    250g jacket potato with cellulite-busting salad

 200g (cooked weight) pasta with a vegetable sauce and a small cellulite-busting salad.

Quorn fillet with 3 boiled potatoes, spinach and peas

 Haddock Florentine Bake the fish on a bed of spinach, and serve with 3 boiled potatoes.

 Vegetable chilli:
    Mixed vegetables in a tomato and celery sauce, with chilli, served on 4tbs wholegrain brown rice. 


    Bowl of strawberries with 1 scoop low fat ice cream or yogurt

6 prunes with 1 tbs lowfat custard

Fresh fruit salad

30g stick of cheese with 2 celery sticks, 2 carrot sticks and a few grapes or orange segments