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    Every week we team up with our sister magazine Woman’s Weekly and look at a health condition, offering well-being tips and simple ways to ease the problem. Here’s how to get stronger bones.

    Try this:

    Kettleball training Swinging this cast-iron, flat-bottomed ball with a single handle on the top allows you to use and strengthen the different muscles in the arms and legs, and because the exercises are load-bearing, they are perfect for bones. Kettlebells come in different weights, so start at around 2kg. The best thing is that just a 20-minute session will give you a good cardiovascular workout and burn off calories, too.
    Try: York Vinyl Kettlebell Set (including 2kg,3kg, 4kg weights), £24.99, from Argos.

    Any exercise that involves weight-bearing – when your feet and legs support your full body weight – will help to build stronger bones. Walking and jogging are good choices, but for many people dancing is best of all because it’s lots of fun and sociable, too.
    Try: Alesha Dixon’s dance fusion classes at LA Fitness. Call 0844 770 7700, or pop into your nearest centre, or visit

    Better diet
    Bone is living tissue and what you eat makes a difference. As well as calcium, vitamin D (sun exposure, oily fish, eggs), zinc (red meat, poultry, cereals, beans, nuts) and magnesium (spinach, potatoes, whole grains, oats) are vital.
    Try: Menacalcin, £34.95 for 60 tablets (0161 798 0671; www.natural-alternative-products.
    ) for calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium and potassium. Or Ellactiva calcium chews, £4 for 28, from Boots

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