‘I overspent big time last Christmas – but I’ve found a hassle-free way to save for next December’

Be an early bird and get back in control of your festive finances, with Park Christmas Savings

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We all want to create magical memories for our families at Christmas. But, buying festive food, gifts and decorations can put a real squeeze on finances. If you’re looking for a way to get ahead and ace next year’s celebrations, a Park Christmas Savings account could be just what you need – as Steph Lowe, 40, from London, has discovered.

‘Christmas is a busy, noisy, happy time for my family. Last year, there were 6 of us round the table. My son is five. The thrill of opening a stocking at dawn was a childhood highlight for me, so I fill his with plenty of fun toys, games and sweets.

‘While the adults have an agreement to limit our spending on presents for each other, I want the children to have nice gifts waiting under the tree. When I’m choosing their presents, my starting point is: Something to wear, something to do, something to play with, and something to read.

‘But much as we loved it, last year’s Christmas put a major strain on my finances. Every family has faced big hikes in the cost of essentials like food and energy bills, and I hadn’t put aside nearly enough to cover all the extra spending.

‘This year I’m determined to be better organised so I can buy gifts and festive food without busting my budget. That’s why I plan to join Park.’

How Park Christmas Savings can put you back control 

A Park Christmas Savings account is a brilliant way to cover the cost of the festive season. You plan ahead and put aside a small amount each week or month. Then come November, you’ll receive vouchers for top stores like M&S, Argos, JD Sports and Sainsbury’s. That means you can shop for gifts and have everything wrapped by early December, and buy everything you need for your festive feast.

Here’s why it works

  • You can plan your spending at more than 140 retailers, and budget in advance.
  • Putting away small, regular amounts quickly becomes a habit.
  • You won’t be tempted to dip into your Christmas savings.
  • Your vouchers arrive in time for Black Friday.
  • With food and presents covered, you’ll enjoy a Christmas free from debt and worry.

Taking the stress out of Christmas

Diane Bird, 48, bakes special occasion cakes. She lives in Castleford, West Yorkshire, with her husband and children Oliver, 12, and Scarlett,18. As a Park agent, Diane enjoys helping her customers save for Christmas.

‘With Park, people decide what they’re going to put money towards and how much they want to pay. Then they set up a standing order and I do a bank transfer to Park. Most people pay weekly – that way it’s a small amount and they don’t miss it. The sooner you start, the lower your payments, and the easier it is to save.’

Be an early bird!

To enjoy a stress-free Christmas 2024, go to getpark.co.uk/budgeting, and sign up now.