Low calorie meals: 166 family dinners under 500 calories

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  • These low calorie meals are all under 500 calories and they are ideal if you're trying to find healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy.

    We have more than 166 different low calorie meals that we guarantee your family will love. You won’t believe that they are all for under 500 calories per serving! 

We’re not just talking diet meals and salads, we’re talking proper family meals such as lasagne and pizza – just made a little lighter…

    Plus, if you’re trying to lose weight, eating a lighter, low calorie meal in the evening can be beneficial. The best time to eat dinner if you want to lose weight is earlier rather than later as the later you leave it the worse it can be for your diet. So consuming a 500 calorie meal at 6.30pm would be better than eating a huge meal at 9pm.

    The recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 for a woman and 2,500 for a man so if you’re having a main meal that is under 500 calories it leaves you lots of lovely calories to consume throughout the day.

    Low calorie dinners: Healthy family meals under 500 calories

    Being healthy and not hungry is the best way to have a happy, balanced diet – and these meals will help you on the way and making your dinners from scratch means you can really monitor what you’re feeding your family – and yourself.

    Ramen soup

    Our recipes under 500 calories show how easy it is to turn family favourites into healthy meals. All you need is a few clever swaps and techniques and you can easily reduce the fat content – without reducing the flavour.

    Some of our dinners are not just low calorie either, some are low fat meals too – which make them perfect if you’re trying to be good and are thinking about weight loss.

    Choose the recipes and meals that suit you and your family. Enjoy cooking and eating them gathered around the family dining table!