Anne Richley

Anne Richley is a trained midwife with 22 years of experience. Anne began her midwifery training in 1996 after welcoming her two children. She is currently working as a Matron for Community Midwifery Service at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust. This has seen her gain an understanding and appreciation of pregnancy, labour and obstetric issues. Previously, Anne helped to set up the Royal College of Midwives Northampton Home Birth Team (opens in new tab) in 2010. At present, the home birth team consists of 11 midwives who passionate to provide a safe outcome for both mothers and new-borns during home births. In 2014, Anne helped set up a Meet the Matrons Clinics, where expectant mothers could come for guidance and support. These women were encouraged to talk about their previous birthing experiences and worries they may have about future births. Anne is passionate about improving birthing practices for pregnant women and their babies. Since 2019, she has been helping to implement the recommendations made in the National Maternity Review called Better Births, a five-year future plan for maternity care. In keeping with this, Anne has also written a number of books covering pregnancy, labour and birthing techniques including Your Baby’s First Year, and Labour & Birth. Anne’s work has been published and presented frequently. This includes research covering safe home births, hospital births, pregnancy conditions such as preeclampsia, as well as how to cope when your baby is overdue.