21 of the best toys for 6 year old boys and girls in 2024

From Playmobil to Polly Pocket, and from an educational to creative, discover the toys kids won’t want to put down

A selection of the best toys for six-year-olds, including a trainset and a doll's house
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The best toys for six-year-olds will help encourage interaction with family members and friends, put their cognitive functioning to the test, and help them further develop the skills they have already. 

Whether you're looking for one of the top Christmas toys, or are just after a treat for your youngster, at the age of six, the best toys are those that help boys and girls develop bonds and nurture their friendships. So any toys that encourage interaction and sharing with other children are a good bet. 

Your little one might be six going on 16, but they are still very young. So baby dolls and pretend play sets are toys that are still super popular with this age group. Children at the age of six also love problem-solving and really like to have structured games or tasks, like Lego, they can get stuck into, as parenting expert, Amanda Jenner, tells us. ‘Lego is a really good toy following visuals on how to overcome the task of building wants in the picture. Dolls become popular as role play skills will set it and they love to become a mummy or daddy in their imagination.’  Also screen-only toys can be a winner, like the popular audio boxes Yoto or Tonie.

A good board game will help encourage interaction with their friends and family members, along with encouraging a healthy dose of friendly competition. ‘Jigsaw puzzles are great as they tend to have a longer attention span at six and love a challenge and this is really good for their cognitive skills and helps them to play independently,’ Amanda adds. 

With all this in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of the best toys for six-year-olds after recruiting little testers to really know if these products tick all the boxes. Despite many of these products coming in a stereotypical blue and pink colorway, all the toys we've included in this guide are, in fact, unisex. From arts and crafts to card games and sensory toys to role-play sets, these are the toys that are worth their weight in gold. 

Best toys for six year old boys and girls