6 ways EcoFlow’s powerful, portable, planet-friendly power packs can improve your life

Whether you’re preparing for good times or bad, EcoFlow offers ultimate peace of mind and lifestyle flexibility.

A family gathers using electrical items in a power cut
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Whether you’re preparing for good times or bad, EcoFlow’s innovative new range offers ultimate peace of mind and lifestyle flexibility.

If you’re living with a precarious power supply, hankering for improved outdoor adventures, or concerned about rising energy prices, EcoFlow’s new product range can plug the gap in your personal grid so you can cope with anything.

These smart and portable multifunctional packs can power almost any device and be put to work in a life-changing range of ways.


Ah, that sinking feeling when there’s a blackout. We’ve all been there - checking the breaker box and wondering how long the power’s going to be down.

An outage can happen for all kinds of reasons and there’s no way of knowing when it’ll strike. If you live in a place where weather anomalies are common, strong winds, storms and their debris can cause the power grid to grind to a halt.

Many things can happen when there’s a blackout – some are simply annoying, others more serious. Streaming stops and remote working can be affected (more of that in a bit). The most pressing problem is often your fridge/freezer, as food will begin to perish after four hours.

With EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro, extra batteries and brand new dual fuel generators you can set up your own fully integrated back-up system. This home microgrid’s 20-millisecond switchover time means it can step in without missing a beat. House of Dragon will keep streaming, food won’t spoil, and the air con will carry on humming. Scrabbling around in the dark trying to light candles or find LED lights using the torch on your cell phone will be a thing of the past.  

While you can’t predict how long an outage will last, you can be prepared. DELTA Max triples capacity to 6kWh with extra batteries, so essential home appliances can run smoothly for several days.

It’s simple to track how long your power will last using the EcoFlow app, too, and DELTA Pro can integrate directly with your home circuits via the smart home panel.

A man gets food out of a fridge working despite power outage

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Lots of us love the great outdoors, but wouldn’t they be greater still if we didn’t have to plan trips around campgrounds with electrical hook ups? Not to mention bringing a few more creature comforts along for the ride. There’s something very comforting about curling up together in your campervan or tent for a movie night after a long day of outdoor fun.

It’s a relief to know there’s a power source to charge your smartphone or GPS device in case of an emergency, too.

The DELTA Pro or smart-controlled Dual Fuel Generator can be combined with the expanded ecosystem for extra battery life. Or if you’re short on space, the folding 60W solar panel is super-compact. Fuss-free power whenever and wherever you need it, with something to fit every occasion.

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Let’s face it, fuel bills are getting increasingly difficult for all of us.

Everyday energy saving know-how can help make a dent in those bills – from not leaving devices on standby, to washing clothes on a quick spin cycle on sunny (and preferably windy) days, to filling a flask with boiling water instead of re-using the kettle.

Solar power’s a future-forward solution. EcoFlow DELTA Pro products are eco-friendly and come with a five year warranty, so you can relax while they soak up the sun. The DELTA Pro plus 400w solar panel bundle fully recharges in just 1.6 hours, has multiple outlets and can be charged in multiple ways. It’s just really easy to use – a mighty power bank that can handle heavy-duty appliances, plus its capacity can be expanded still further.

The DELTA Max 2000 is more powerful yet and can run up to 15 devices at the same time.

4/ DIY

The DELTA Pro’s a dream for DIY enthusiasts. Its enormous 3.6kWh output can power your angle grinder, electric drill and circular saw to tackle even the most demanding home improvement tasks. You’ll get the job done in no time.

Here’s the DELTA Pro being put through its paces.


Many of us now work from home full-time or on a hybrid basis. Anyone who’s experienced the panic of lost data or Zoom meetings freezing will love the peace of mine that comes from knowing you have instant back-up from both the DELTA range and Duel Fuel Generator. The generator uses propane or unleaded gasoline, has a 4-liter capacity, and is safe to use wherever you are courtesy of the built-in carbon monoxide detector.

The EcoFlow system opens up your immediate environment. By powering up outside areas with ease, your home, yard and garden become as versatile as you are. Depending on the time of year, everything from a gazebo to garden shed to unpowered studio can be turned into a home working space.


Whether you’re using mains connected chainsaws, hedge trimmers or leaf blowers, cumbersome power extension cords can be a thing of the past with the DELTA Pro.

You can even game in the greenery or power an outside cinema. Pair the DELTA MAX 2000 with the dual fuel generator to make memories under the stars.

Combine products from the EcoFlow range to find the ideal match for you and your family, the only limit is your imagination.