Levi Roots

Levi Roots

Levi Roots is a Jamaican-born chef and an inventor in the food industry, most famous for pitching his homemade jerk bbq sauce - Reggae Reggae Sauce- to the investors on Dragons Den. He gave 40 per cent of his business to Dragon Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh for a £50,000 investment.

His secret ingredient sauce was a huge hit and in 2007, it hit shelves across the country and made him an instant success. He has since been invited by Prime Ministers to Downing Street, in recognition of his notable success.


This success Levi puts down to always staying true to himself. He once said, "I will never forget that little paradise Content (in Jamaica) and my saintly grandmother, who helped to make me the success I am now."

Reggae Reggae sauce made its mark on the ever-changing industry as it’s truly one of a kind and can be used in many different ways. If you want to try marinading chicken with it, or splashing it on top of curry goat, we’ve got all the recipes to show you how to make authentic Jamaican food.

Before his success on Dragon’s Den, Levi had been selling his sauce at Notting Hill Carnival for 15 years. To this day he still has a stand at the carnival called the ‘Rasta’raunt, where he cooks and entertains the crowds singing and playing guitar.

Levi’s career as a chef, TV personality and author has gone from strength to strength. With seven cook books under his belt and a whole range of Reggae Reggae products, including soft drinks, meal kits and seasonings, he is considered a pioneer of bringing authentic Jamaican cuisine to the English food scene. In the 1970s, Levi moved from Jamaica to Brixton, London where he still lives today.

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