Balloon cake decorations

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  • Learn how to make these fun party balloon cake decorations. Made with a mixture of fondant and modelling paste, these simple cake decorations can be popped on top of cupcakes or large cakes for a birthday celebration.

    This recipe makes 36 balloons in total; 12 bunches of 3 balloons. If you’d like to make less, half the quantities to suit. When using the modelling paste and fondant, make sure you keep it covered with cling film when you’re not using to stop it from going hard. The balloons will need an overnight setting time.


    • 220g ready to roll fondant
    • 220g modelling paste
    • Various food volour pastes (Victoria used; Christmas Red, Claret, Party Green, Sky Blue and Egg Yellow)
    • Pearlescent lustre dust
    • Piping gel for the glue (or royal icing)
    • Coloured confetti sprinkles
    • Trex (optional)