Balloon cake decorations

Balloon cake decorations
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Learn how to make these fun party balloon cake decorations. Made with a mixture of fondant and modelling paste, these simple cake decorations can be popped on top of cupcakes or large cakes for a birthday celebration.

This recipe makes 36 balloons in total; 12 bunches of 3 balloons. If you'd like to make less, half the quantities to suit. When using the modelling paste and fondant, make sure you keep it covered with cling film when you're not using to stop it from going hard. The balloons will need an overnight setting time.


  • 220g ready to roll fondant
  • 220g modelling paste
  • Various food volour pastes (Victoria used; Christmas Red, Claret, Party Green, Sky Blue and Egg Yellow)
  • Pearlescent lustre dust
  • Piping gel for the glue (or royal icing)
  • Coloured confetti sprinkles
  • Trex (optional)

Step 1

Start by kneading the fondant and modelling paste together and divide into 5 pieces (108g of each colour). Colour each portion to your desired colours. You can co-ordinate to your own party colours if you like.

Step 2

Take 15g per balloon of coloured paste. Pinch a tiny section off for the tie and roll the rest into a ball. You might find it easier to rub a touch of trex into your hands before you start rolling. Roll the small section into a small ball too.

Step 3

To make the balloon shape, roll one side of the larger paste to a point with the flat of your index finger and flatten the small ball with the tip of your finger.

Step 4

Use a plastic egg tray, mini cupake pan or similar to hold the balloons. Tip the balloon upside down and gently place into the holder. Glue the flattened tie to the balloon with a touch of piping gel.

Step 5

Brush the top of the cake pop stick with the piping gel - this will make it easier to push into the balloon and will help it to stick in place.

Step 6

Push the sick into the balloon making sure you don’t push it in too far. You may squash the balloon slightly as you do this but if you do, you can just pick it up and re-mould it again. You can also smooth out any imperfections with the tips of your fingers.

Step 7

If you have any excess glue around the stick you can take it away with a brush.

Step 8

Once the balloons are dry to the touch you can dust them over with the lustre dust to make them shiny. Leave the balloons to set overnight.

Step 9

Trim the sticks to different lengths with some scissors and push the balloons into your chosen cake. Push them in using the stick and try and avoid pushing the top of the balloon or the stick may poke through the top of the balloon.

You can add little bows onto the sticks for decoration if you like, just stick them on with a touch of piping gel.

Step 10

Your balloons are now ready to be admired by friends, family and the lucky birthday boy or girl!