Boy cake decoration
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With this easy step-by-step guide it couldn't be simpler to make your very own little chap for a birthday cake or celebration bake.

Change up the clothes and hair to make it look like whichever little person you're making a cake for. They'll be delighted at seeing themselves resting proudly on top of their cake.

This recipe makes one, so simply multiply the ingredients if you're making more.


  • 30g white fondant
  • 20g skin fondant
  • 20g blue fondant
  • 5g Chocolate fondant
  • Black sugar pearls or sprinkles
  • Dusky pink petal dust
  • Dried spaghetti strand

Step 1

For the legs: Roll the blue fondant into a sausage shape, using a fondant smoother will give you a more even size. When you get to about 10cm, fold the sausage in half and trim the ends off for the bottom of the trousers. Keep the trimmings for the star on the shirt.

Step 2

For the body: Take 20g of white fondant and roll into a ball until it is completely smooth. Shape into a bell shape then thin the bottom edge with your thumb and forefinger, so the top fits nicely over the trousers.

Step 3

For the shoes: Roll tiny balls of white fondant and then roll it into a sausage shape. Pinch in the centre and press the top flat with your thumb and forefinger to make a shoe shape.

Step 4

For the soles: If you have one, use a fondant cutting wheel tool to add a sole to the shoe by running the wheel around the bottom. You can also drag a cocktail stick into the fondant to make similar markings.

Step 5

Stick the body and shoes onto the legs with a brush of water. Push a length of dried spaghetti into the body.

Step 6

For the arms: Using the remainder of the white modelling paste, reserving a tiny amount for the eyes, roll a long sausage shape for the arms and cut diagonally in the centre. If you have one, push the cone tool into the uncut end of the arms and shape the ends into sleeves by turning the tool whilst smoothing the paste with the tips of your fingers.

Step 7

For the hands: Roll tiny balls of skin tone paste and cone one end, push the other end flat with the tip of your finger. Using a sharp knife, cut a section out for the thumb and three straight cuts for the fingers. Smooth the ends of the fingers and with a brush of water stick the hands onto the ends of the arms.

Step 8

Stick the arm to the body with a brush of water and cut a star from the leftover blue paste for the shirt. Stick onto the chest with a brush of water.

Step 9

For the head: Roll the skin tone paste into a ball, reserving two tiny balls of paste for the ears and one for nose. Roll the chocolate fondant into a rectangle and lay it over the head, trimming triangle pieces out for the fringe and to the desired length around the back. Add a smile by pushing a small circle cookie cutter into the face and shaping it with a small ball tool. If you don't have the tools then you can make similar marks with a cocktail stick. You can also use the fondant cutting wheel to add texture to the hair.

Step 10

For the ears: Roll tiny balls of skin tone paste and stick them to the side of the head with a brush of water. Using the small ball tool or a cocktail stick make little earlike holes in the centre.

Step 11

Roll a tiny ball of skin tone paste for nose and stick it on with a brush of water.

For the eyes: Make indents with the ball tool or a cocktail stick and add small white ball of white paste, make another indent and add the black sugar pearls for pupils.

Step 12

Boy cake decoration

(Image credit: Future)

Push the head onto the spaghetti . Add cheeks with a brush of dusky pink petal dust.

Step 13

Place the finished topper on the cake. Why not pair it up with our girl cake topper like in this picture?

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