Dinosaur cake decoration

Dinosaur cake decorations
(Image credit: Future)

These little dinosaurs are the perfect birthday cake topper for a little boy or girl who loves adventures. With just seven easy steps, these characters can be made in no time at all.

Change the size of your dinosaurs depending on how big your cake is, or even make mini ones for cupcakes- the choice is yours. All we know is that whoever you make these for they'll be pretty pleased with you.


  • 100g white modelling paste
  • 40g ready to roll fondant
  • 2g blue modelling paste
  • 2g pink modelling paste
  • Black ball sprinkle nonpareil
  • Green food colouring

Step 1

Mix the ready to roll fondant and the white modelling paste together, colour green and roll 70g into a ball.

Step 2

Pinch and gently pull one side of the ball of paste to make a tail. You can smooth any lines with the tips of your fingers.

Step 3

For the head, roll 10g of paste into a sausage shape and trim the bottom diagonally so it fits neatly onto the body.

Step 4

Stick the neck onto the body, smoothing the edges with the tips of your fingers and bend the top over slightly. If the neck doesn’t hold on its own, rest it on something (like the food colour pot) to hold it in position until it dries.

Step 5

For the legs roll 12g of paste into a sausage shape and cut 4 legs to about 2cm each. Using the plain piping nozzle, emboss the feet with half circle shapes.

Step 6

Stick the legs to the bottom of the body with a brush of water. Emboss a smile with the smile tool or cocktail stick and add nostril with the small ball tool or cocktail stick.

Step 7

To add the dots, roll tiny balls of coloured paste and push them flat with your finger, then with a brush of water, stick them to the body and head.

Step 8

Dinosaur cake decorations

(Image credit: Future)

Repeat to make a smaller dinosaur. Place the finished decorations on your cake.

Victoria Threader
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