How to chop an onion

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  • Watch how easy it is to chop an onion with this simple step-by-step technique. Once you’ve mastered this technique you’ll be able to chop an onion quickly and safety ready to add to your favourite meals like spaghetti Bolognese and onion soup.

    This easy method will make sure you chop your onions quickly and effectively without too many tears. Showing you how to prepare your onion two ways, this video recipe is ideal if you’ve never cut an onion before or looking to learn new skills.

    This method is often used by chefs to make sure every part of the onion that can be eaten is used and so there is no waste.

    What is an onion? If you’re not too sure where an onion comes from or what it is, let us explain. An onion is an edible bulb used as a vegetable. With a pungent taste and smell, this veggie is used to flavour dishes.

    Add your onion to dishes such as onion soup, onion jam, spaghetti Bolognese and more.

    Now it’s time to watch and learn this simple chopping technique for the perfect onion pieces every time…


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