How to make tortillas

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  • If you’re after an authentic Mexican recipe, then here’s how to make tortillas from just two ingredients – corn flour and warm water. These simple Mexican dinner staples are much easier to make than you might think. Here Mexican chef Elias Silva Resinas from London restaurant Ella Canta explains how to whip easy tortillas up in minutes. The name for the type of Mexican corn flour you’re looking for is masa, which you can find in a lot of the international aisles of supermarkets now. When you’re learning how to make tortillas the important thing is figuring out what texture the dough should be. If the dough begins to crumble then you need a little more water, and if it’s sticky or gluey then add a bit more flour – you want a perfect in-the-middle texture. This recipe makes enough for 60 small taco-size tortillas, so it’s perfect for a party!


    • 1kg corn flour
    • 750ml warm water

    You will need

    • A tortilla press