Turtle cupcakes

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  • How cute are these turtle and sea life cupcakes? Follow our step-by-step recipe to make your own. We think the kids are going to love these cake decorations.

    These decorations will need to be made at least 24 hours in advance or they will not hold in the buttercream. They can be left to dry in a card cake box or air dried under a cake cover. Drying sponges are great to shape decorations too.

    These decorations will only work with modelling paste or you can also add gum tragacanth to fondant if you wish. It would be 1tsp per 250g of fondant.


    • 1 batch of cupcakes
    • 1 batch of buttercream
    • 60g chocolate or brown fondant
    • 15g orange modelling paste
    • 20g red modelling paste
    • 20g pink modelling paste
    • 15g yellow modelling paste
    • 65g white modelling paste
    • 10g green modelling paste
    • 2g black fondant
    • 5g green fondant
    • White and blue sprinkles
    • Blue colouring (Sugarflair Sky Blue)
    • ½ square of dark chocolate
    • 2 strands of dried spaghetti