‘I’ve gone so red’ Abbey Clancy left red-faced as her daughter reveals embarrassing secret

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  • Abbey Clancy has been left red-faced on national television after her daughter made a hilarious revelation about her...

    As all parents know, kids can really embarrass you and they seem to have a special talent to pick to worst possible times – ever.

    Abbey Clancy, who shares three children with husband Peter Crouch, experienced that first hand over the weekend, when her own daughter made a very surprising confession about her on the new show Big Star’s Little star.

    The TV programme will see Britain’s best-loved stars team up with their children or grandchildren to win money for charity, but the little ones are likely to share a bit too much – which exactly what Abbey’s daughter Sophia did.

    The surprising revelation came when the six-year-old was asked what’s the most embarrassing thing her mum does when she get home. While Abbey thought that her daughter’s answer could possibly be that she shows the video of her birth to her friends, the little one had something else in mind.

    She told the host Stephen Mulhern: ‘She says the neighbour looks hot in Lycra.’

    Abbey ClancyCredit: ITV

    Understandably, the model was left red-faced and quickly said it was a lie, before also apologising to her neighbour called Doug.

    Explaining why she thought that Sophia would tell everyone about the birth video, she 32-year-old said: ‘Everyone who comes to the house, I’m like, “Do you want to see the birth?” I’m terrible.’

    Abbey ClancyCredit: ITV

    ‘I’m so red, I’ve gone so red. Because all my friends are pregnant, so it’s, you know, it’s relevant, it’s not just random’, she added, explaining why she shows it to everyone.

    ‘She should be in bed when that comes on because that’s normal when the adults have had a few drinks.’

    Abbey shares her three children – six-year-old Sophia Ruby, three-year-old Liberty Rose, and seven-month-old Johnny – with husband Peter Crouch, whom she married in 2011.

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