Adam Thomas bans son Teddy from watching Horrid Henry over concerns about bad behaviour

'Is it just us?'

Coronation Street star Adam Thomas has revealed that he's banned his son Teddy from watching popular kids' TV show Horrid Henry.

The actor took to Twitter to appeal to fellow parents, asking: 'Anyone else banned there kid from watching horrid Henry or is it just us? 🙈'

When one replied that the character had become something of an inspiration to her own daughter, he added: 'teds literally turned into horrid Henry haha' - suggesting that the little one's behaviour becomes rather unuly after watching an episode!

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Since he shared the adorable update, Adam has been inundated with social media support from parents suffering similar situations.

'I had to ban my two as well!!! 🙈 it's awful! They were coming out with all sorts from moody Margaret!!! 🤣🤣 x' one wrote, followed by another who agreed: 'Banned mine years ago. Absolute sh*te and no moral message whatsoever. Don't even let her touch the books.'

Some confessed that they'd banned their children from watching the show because they were fed up of being called 'a worm', whilst others had noted a decline in their child's behaviour generally.

'Yes we have my 6 year old turns into a total brat and my 2 year old runs round pulling his ears saying na na na na na 😩😩' one disgruntled parent said.

'My child caused so much damage with a water pistol after 'hanging with Henry' that I had to claim on my house insurance. Banned for 2 years,' another exclaimed.

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One fan even said that the tweet had been something of a revelation to them: 'Omg a light bulb just went off. My daughter has been so naughty since she started watching Horrid Henry!! Banned in this house'.

Horrid Henry, created by Francesca Simon, was first published as a book in 1994, and has since gone on to be turned into a successful animated programme too.

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However, there were a handful of Adam's followers who jumped to Henry's defence.

'Aww let him watch it' one wrote. 'My son was horrid Henry and he used to call his sister perfect Peter,he will grow out of it trust me😂😂😂'.

Have you had problems after watching Horrid Henry in your household? Let us know in the comment section below!


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