Mum hits back at breastfeeding critic who told her to ‘put her f***ing tits away’

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  • A breastfeeding mum has hit back at criticism from a man who told her to ‘put her f***ing tits away’.

    Aimee Wood, 20, from Hyde in Tameside, took to Facebook to share screengrabs of a conversation between herself and the man in question, who messaged her on Facebook to share his criticism over images she’d posted of herself feeding her daughter Nova.

    Images: Facebook/Aimee Wood

    ‘Put your f***ing tits away,’ he wrote in the offending post. ‘I’ve seen them every day. I have nothing against breastfeeding feeding infact I like a suck of a tit myself but f***ng hell no need for it. Disturbing for ur poor child when she grows up plastered all over social media sucking on your saggy nip!!!’

    However, Aimee wasn’t going to take the shaming lying down, and quickly replied with an image that perfectly summed up her thoughts – a picture of herself, breastfeeding Nova, with her middle finger raised.

    Her Facebook friends were quick to send supportive comments after Aimee shared captures of the conversation, with one writing: ‘Feeding your baby, you go girl hats off to you.’

    ‘Nothing wrong with breast feeding it’s natural and best for the baby,’ another agreed, whilst a third said: ‘Love it best reply ever!!’

    Her post was quickly picked up by press and shared more than 100 times, with Aimee saying she was overwhelmed by the attention and response.

    ‘Thank you for all the support that ive recieved reguarding recent events,’ she wrote in a subsequent Facebook post.

    ‘Im absolutely overwhelmed at how many people have said ive inspired them to breastfeed/do it publicly, such a lovely thing to hear. I realise its created a lot of controversy and is very split in opinions, but just want to thank each and every one of you for the kind words.’

    ‘I cant believe myself that it was actually even considered as news, i never expected/asked for it to be in all of those news/magazine pages, but in some little way im glad it did as hearing that ive inspired other young mums makes my heart warm.’