Almost half of families planning digital detox this summer

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  • With the summer holidays just a few weeks away you might already be thinking (and panicking) about what to do with the kids.

    Although sticking the telly on or letting your children play on their computer games and gadgets might be the easiest option, many families across the UK are attempting a digital free summer.

    In a new survey of 2,000 parents, conducted by musicMagpie, nearly 50 per cent said they were going to try to a digital detox.

    The survey also found 58 per cent of families already have a screen ban at the dinner table and 46 per cent enforce the same rules while out at dinner and one in five ban tech during family days out.

    Over 80 per cent of those surveyed agreed children should be outside when the weather is nice and not on their phone or any other form of technology.

    The study comes a few weeks after dad-of-one Simon Cowell revealed he hasn’t used his phone for 10-months in a detox he describes as important and good for his mental health.

    Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Simon revealed: ‘I literally have not been on my phone for 10 months…It has been so good for my mental health. It’s a very strange experience but it really is good for you and it has absolutely made me happier.’

    phone ban

    Would you give a digital detox ago? Even if only at dinner times…

    Speaking about the impact technology has made on family life, Liam Howley, the marketing director at musicMagpie said: ‘Technology has transformed family life over the years. We can stay in touch over great distances, co-ordinate our diaries, research homework, and of course, play games and watch TV and videos when we want to.

    ‘However, our study found that almost half of families will be implementing a ‘digital detox’ this summer, because many parents are worried about the amount of time their kids are spending on their devices.’

    Parents who were surveyed that had already completed a digital detox had similar results to Simon Cowell with 45 per cent of parents saying their families talked more as a result of the ban and many revealed that their children and themselves felt and seemed happier.

    Would you ever or have you ever attempted a digital detox? We would love to hear your thought on the idea and share any tips you have if you’ve successfully managed it over on our Facebook page!