Amy Childs reveals her plans for a ‘pain-free’ hypnobirth

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  • Amy Childs has revealed that she hopes to have a ‘pain-free’ hypnobirth when she goes into labour with her first child in May.

    Just nine months ago Amy had appeared on ITV’s Loose Women to share her desperation to fulfil her dream of becoming a mum, but after announcing her pregnancy back in October 2016, she was back with a huge baby bump to tell the team all about her subsequent pregnancy and plans for delivery.

    ‘I just feel so massive!’ she exclaimed as the team cooed over her growing belly, telling them that she has just four weeks to go until giving birth.

    ‘I’m so over the moon, and when I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t stop crying, it’s amazing, and having a little girl is amazing. Quite worrying having a mini Amy, but…’

    Amy, who has confirmed to OK! magazine that she’s due on 2nd May, opened up to host Andrea McLean and the rest of the assembled panel about her birth plan, saying that her go-to psychics have told her she’ll go into labour two weeks early.

    ‘Are you having a natural childbirth?’ Janet Street-Porter asked the former TOWIE star, to which she replied: ‘Natural birth, yep.’

    ‘I’ve been having hypnobirthing – it’s about breathing exercises, when you’re in labour you’re quite chilled, when you have a contraction you ride the contraction, you let it happen to your body. The lady came round and said to me “you’re going to have a pain-free birth”.’

    Janet then recalled a time when she’d worked on a TV show that involved being around women giving birth, and said that many of them had had a similar plan – until the contractions started.

    ‘I’ll be fine, I’m quite chilled’, Amy responded. ‘I was a nervous wreck before I gave birth for the first time!’ mum-of-two Stacey Solomon confessed, but Amy joked back: ‘She said to me I’m going to have a pain-free birth, and I said to my mum “is it true?” and she said “no, it’s like dying”.’

    However, the mum-to-be added that she’d had a relatively stress-free pregnancy throughout: ‘I’ve been so lucky, no sickness, no stretch marks, nothing.’

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