Amy Childs praised by mums for sharing the dangers of bathing babies too often

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  • Amy Childs has made a surprising revelation about how often she bathes her daughter, Polly.

    The 27-year-old gave birth to seven-month-old Polly in May this year, and has since been posting regular video blogs about her life as a new mum.

    In her latest video, Amy chats openly about her daughter’s bedtime routine, and revealed she only baths her daughter twice a week.

    The Only Way Is Essex original revealed she avoided ‘over washing’ her daughter due to important information she’d received from her midwife.

    She went on to explain: ‘I only bath Polly twice a week because the midwife did say to me if you keep bathing them every day they do get eczema.’

    She added: ‘I suffered with eczema and I obviously don’t want Polly to have that.’

    The revelation shocked fellow mums who admitted never hearing of this advice before.

    One fan commented: ‘Wow I bath my girl every day maybe I’ll cut back to every second day as she does have eczema.’

    This fan shared her gratitude, writing: ‘Are you serious? I’m so glad you mentioned the eczema thing cos I used to bath my eldest every day after she was born and she now has such bad eczema. I didn’t get told that bathing every day causes it.’

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    While a third agreed with Amy and commented: ‘Midwife told me the exact same, bathing every night as a baby is unnecessary and washes away the skins natural oils that protect it, now my baby is four she needs a bath every night, such a mucky pup.’

    Katie Hilton, Health Visitor from FamilyCare told OK! Online: ‘Most parents include bath time as part of their baby’s evening bedtime routine.

    ‘However, daily baths can increase the risk of eczema in a small child. Bathing too often and using products can cause the skin to dry out and it can remove essential oils from the skin’s surface, exposing baby’s skin to the risk of allergy and eczema.’

    Kate added: ‘We should be taking things back to basics and bath babies for the purpose of cleaning rather than being part of a bedtime routine. Simply topping and tailing with a cloth and warm water every day combined with a couple of baths each week is perfectly adequate.’

    What do you think? Did you bathe your child every night? Let us know in the comments box below.