Amy Childs sparks controversy after revealing she’s using diet shakes just one week after giving birth

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  • Amy Childs has sparked controversy on social media with her latest post, after admitting to using diet shakes just one week after giving birth.

    The reality TV star took to Instagram to share a snap of herself with the drink, revealing she’s been using the ‘healthy’ and ‘delicious’ meal replacement because of her busy lifestyle.

    ‘OMG! I have such a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time for a nutritious breakfast or lunch. So I decided to get the Body Shape product ‘Fit Vanilla’ to substitute my lunch’, she captioned the picture, one week after giving birth to her daughter.

    But fans of the mum-of-one were quick to advise her against replacing food with the shakes, wondering if it’s a safe diet, especially if she’s breastfeeding her newborn.

    ‘Oh so ur drinking shakes while breastfeeding! Wow thats safe!!’, one fan wrote under the snap.

    ‘Should she be drinking that while breastfeeding??’, another user asked, while a third said ‘bloody hell you just had a baby slow down and enjoy your daughter for a bit instead of work’.

    A fourth commented: ‘Don’t think I’ll be worrying about slimming up and promoting silly ‘weight loss’ shakes a week after giving birth. Not really a great example to set, but each to their own….’

    According to nutritionist Bridget Swinney, liquid replacement meals are not ideal for women who are breastfeeding, and they should only be used as an alternative for a quick snack or occasional quick meal – but not more than once a day.

    ‘You’ll want to use meal replacements only to provide a healthy option when you need a quick snack or an occasional quick meal (no more than once a day).

    ‘Relying on liquid replacement meals more often than that won’t provide the calories or nutrients you need for your own health or for nursing’, she told BabyCenter.